The Adults in the Room

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Portland Premiere!!!

The Adults in the Room will screen in Portland’s Northwest Film & Video Festival November 13th 7pm and will be followed by a celebratory gala. (The full Festival runs from November 5-13th.)

For more information and tickets, please visit:

Also, you can vote for your excitement of the screening here.

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Kickstarter Thanks

Hey TAITR fans,

Erin here to again thank some of our wonderful sponsors!

We’d like to thank Micheal Boedigheimer. Michael has some really cool projects going on over at, using documentary to shed light on New Orleans post-Katrina.

A big thank you also goes out to Debra Moore & Russell Calkins for contributing to TAITR. Thank you!

And finally we have to thank writer Leah Browning for her donation. You can find out more about Leah’s work at!

Thanks again to everyone who donated for making The Adults in the Room possible, and have a happy first day of Fall!


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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

It’s time again to thank some of the people who took the time to donate to TAITR on

First up we’d like the thank Steven Holmes for helping make The Adults in the Room possible! Thank you Steven!

We’d also like to thank Rachel Wallis, who not only helps support independent cinema, but also makes and sells awesome block printed cards and embroidered pillows at!

Laura Locker is another kind soul who helped fund our documentary! Thanks Laura!

Hope everyone had a great Labor day and thanks again!

-Erin O

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Hello TAITR!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Erin O’Connor (not to be confused with producer Erin Donovan) and I’ll be taking over intern duties for the lovely Sarah Chellis now that she’s back at school.

First off, any TAITR fans in the Austin, TX area will be happy to know that we will be screening at the Alamo Draft House on September 9th as a part of aGLIFF. More information can be found at

We also have some new thank you’s for some people who helped make The Adults in the Room possible!

First up we have to thank Portland writer Chris Higgins, who can be found at Thanks Chris!

We also greatly appreciate Johnny Buell for giving to the project, thank you for contributing Johnny!

And finally, we extend our sincere thanks to Glenn A. Auve. Glenn is a Patent Examiner who saw our film in his capacity as the volunteer chair of feature films programming for Reel Affirmations, Washington DC’s International GLBT Film Festival. Aside from being awesome and donating to documentary films across the country, Glenn enjoys soccer, photography, indie music, travel and technology. (It might sound like a personal ad, but we’d write you!)

Thanks again to everyone, without so many people donating their time and money there’s no way this film would be as successful as it is! I’m so excited to be working on this film!

-Erin O’Connor

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Goodbye TAITR!

Hey TAITR community,

Sarah Chellis again, but this time I’m just saying goodbye. I’m going back to Santa Fe to go to school and I’ll no longer be able to update the website. I’m going to be too busy with school work and all that jazz. Don’t worry though, someone will soon be picking up where I left off, and you won’t have to put up with my tacky writing anymore (come on, you loved it. Admit it!). It’s been fun, and real, and I wish only the best for everyone on the TAITR team. Good luck everyone and thanks for everything!


Sarah Chellis- TAITR Intern? PA? Person who does stuff? Whatever they call me these days.

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Oopsy Daisy!

Well, once again it’s time for me to post some appreciation. Last week I messed up the URL on Daniel’s website, so I’ll be reshowing my appreciation for him by reposting the correct link to his website. That means this week there will be four awesome people to show some love to!

First I’d like you all to re-meet Daniel Bernstein whose website is actually here. That’s to be absolutely clear. Thanks and sorry for the mix-up Daniel!

And moving on to those wonderful people you haven’t yet had the pleasure to meet!

Melissa Tvetan is another wonderful person who was kind enough to help us out. Thanks Melissa.

You should also be honored to meet Timothy Malinovsky. He, too, makes us glad to be making movies. We truly appreciate it!

Speaking of making movies, John Petrina not only donated to our Kickstarter, but he was also a crew member on the film as a dolly grip. Right now he’s working on a project of his own, a series of short format documentaries, and might also need some help on Kickstarter some day soon. Keep your eye on his blog and check out this article for more information.

That’s it for the meet and greet this week. Tune in next week to meet more people who are awesome! Don’t forget to check out our Twitter to meet another awesome person right now. Now, If you really want to make a bunch of new friends, come see us at a festival, we’d love to see you!

Ta Ta For Now,

Sarah Chellis, Intern of Awesome (not really)

P.S. You can still donate too if you’d like. We could still use the help!

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More Thank You’s!

Hello Everybody!

Sarah Chellis again with more people for us all to appreciate. So many people have supported this film from the very beginning. I know I’m repeating myself when I say this but- you guys are why I’m in love with Portland (and why I’m running low on creative ways to say “Thank You”). So without further delay, “Super Awesome Thank You Fun Time!”-

Kevin Bunce- You’re awesome, and I like your name. Thanks for helping us out.

Daniel Bernstein- Apart from being a super hero for supporting us, Daniel is also an amateur photographer. You can find his work here on his website. Nice Cat!

Tara Anderson- Tara, when asked to describe herself, said, “I’m so adjective, I verb nouns.” The library junky in me can’t get over how awesome that is! Thanks Tara!

So that’s it for this week’s round of “Super Fun Thank You Time Awesome!” Don’t forget to check out when TAITR is coming near you so that you can see what all the hubbub is about!

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Friday Thanks

Hello Everyone!

It’s once again time to extend our appreciation for those of you who have lent a helping hand, or a helping stack of dough rather.

This week we would like to thank James McNally of Toronto Screen Shots. You can find out more about Toronto Screen Shots here. James, you’re awesome!

We are also grateful for the existence of Ned Howard. Thanks a bunch Ned!

And this week our third member of the large group of people we love is Jeremy C. Munns. Thanks Jeremy!

Once again, thanks to all of you who have supported, and will support our film, especially James, Ned, and Jeremy.

Don’t forget to watch the screenings page for updates on when TAITR will be headed your way.

Thanks once again (really, can we say that enough? I don’t think so),

-Sarah Chellis

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Great Appreciation

Hello Everyone,

Sarah the intern here! The time has come for us to extend our great appreciation to those wonderful people who donated ten dollars or more to TAITR on Kickstarter. As you know (or maybe you don’t), the prize for giving ten dollars or more on Kickstarter was a public thank you on the Website or our Twitter. We have quite a few of these lovely folks, so keep your eye open for new names every week!

First on the menu this week, is Jason Eric Brown, who says, “Keep up the good work!” Thanks a bunch Jason! We appreciate you, and we will certainly take your advice.

Next, We have Jarret Taylor. Thanks so much Jarret! We couldn’t have done it without you!

And last, but not least, Johnny Symons. Johnny is a fellow documentary filmmaker, and we really appreciate his support. Thanks Johnny!

We can not say enough how much every one of you means to us, and how much we really appreciate any bit of support. Seriously, I can’t really speak for anyone else, but I’m sure the whole team agrees, that it is the support of the community that makes working in Portland so wonderful. You guys are the best!

If these super philanthropists are making you feel a little left out, don’t worry, you can pop on over to our support page to see how you can help. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter too, as we’ll be recognizing people there as well.

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A Review!

Hello Everyone!
Sarah Chellis the intern here. I was excited to find, in my email inbox today, that the Bay Area Reporter has great things to say about The Adults in the Room and director Andy Blubaugh. A review of the film, written by David Lamble, was published along with his reviews of other films that will be screening at Frameline. I like that he pays particular attention to the performance of Calvin McCarthy, the talented young actor who carries the role of young Andy Blubaugh. Of his performance Lamble says he, “employs his choir-boy countenance to hint at the many faces and motives of the teen “victim” of an adult/child relationship.” (He also mentions Dan Savage, which is exciting to me because I LOOOVE Dan Savage! I’m a Dan Savage fan girl for sure! tee hee!) So congrats to Calvin, Andy, and the whole TAITR team (and Dan Savage), for getting positive feedback on this project that we all care about so much! Have a looksie here on the Bay Area Reporter’s website.


P.S. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on our screenings page for screenings popping up near you!

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